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July 12, 2010

Hiya out there! This is John, artist and administrator of this blog – just wanted to inform you if you’ve just come across this dusty lil’ site here, that I pretty much abandoned this blog back in January to go back to expanding and catching up on my original blog:

I tried out this WordPress blog last summer and enjoyed it’s many cool features for awhile, and even had my original Blogger posts transferred here. Several months ago however, I had a change of heart and went back to Blogger – many cool widgets, templates, and user-friendly stuff had been added over there, and I just had to try them out – so  I’ve  been updating over there exclusively. I do plan on coming back to this site to get it up to date too, and was even thinking of turning this into a permanent website through GoDaddy’s hosting services, but it’s not of paramount importance right now. So there ya go – PLEASE check out the other site:, and ignore this ‘0n-hiatus’ blog for now. No, I can’t quit you WP, so I had to put you down for awhile…

Thanks Y’all!


2010: First Gig o’ the Year

February 7, 2010

A couple of pics of people I drew at a scholarship ceremony thing at Union Catholic High School in Union, NJ. This was my second year providing the funny for this school, and it was a great time as usual. Only got 3 pics, and 2 of them the subjects didn’t get a chance to pose with. Oh well, a good start to what so far has been a slow year. C’mon, let’s pick it up 2010!

Crossing the End Zone!

February 6, 2010

Closed out 2009 with this rollicking good time at a Eagles ticketholder party at Citizens Bank Park, with artists Joe White, Pat Harrington, and Mike Edwards.  Eagles fans sure are a tough and resolute bunch, holding on to hope when there’s not much of it to hold onto – they continue to smile through the tears of disappointment and frustration, and refuse to give up believing. Made me feel all warm and toasty inside that people can be this determined and dedicated, and it was a good note on which to end what at times was a very trying, difficult year. It certainly felt good to kick 2009 out the backdoor, on it’s sorry butt, and welcome 2010, (the last year of the decade despite what many think) in through the front. Cheers!

Big Fun Company Holiday Partay!

February 6, 2010

Big fun and big appreciation for the big heads from the awesome people I got to draw at this Holiday party this past December. Poor lighting and nervous party planners didn’t deter me from determining the depths to which I went to delineate these dandy dudes and dudettes…

Sweeeeeet 16 – South Philly Yo

February 2, 2010

Big South Philly Sweet 16 fun in December! Enjoy.

December Bank Festival

February 1, 2010

What a fun trip it was getting to this gig…er, anyway, at this bank promotional event in Collegeville, me and Pat Harrington were stationed under a big tent, while festivities and vending went on outside, even after it started to snow – ..i drew up to the last minute, and after it, as I went faster and faster to keep the frost from forming on my hands, due to their shutting the tent heat off. Grainy, blurry, blown out photos courtesy of wonderful iPhone camera.

Fire Department Centennial

January 31, 2010

Fanned the flames at this gig celebrating the 10oth (?) Anniversary of a Fire Dept. in the Allentown PA area, in Nov. Great fun, and great people!