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Bowl, Baby, Bowl!

September 24, 2008
…But this ain’t no ordinary bowling alley -it’s this massive retro/lounge styled monster of a place…two floors, something like 24 lanes (4 upstairs), 2 bars, full dinner menu, plastic molded seats, pool tables, arcade games, novelty machines, DJs, hula-hooping waitresses, and lots and lots of orange paint – It’s a psychedelic ‘Lebowski’ dream sequence come true! Check it out for yourself at Anyway, my wife Jill had a show of her Classic Car photography on their walls, appropriately enough, and for the show’s closing night (her FIRST solo show by the way – peep her sweet photos at:, North Bowl threw a little party for her, with free tater tots ( and tortilla bar, and bowling all night – lots of fun, and bowled pretty decently too. I’ve posted some photos here of us in the act…too bad i didn’t get any of fellow caricature beast Pat Harrington, and wife Karin smashing pins and gutterballing (mostly the latter, haha):

Jill flashes her lovely smile before getting sauced up…while a waitress hula-hoops it up in the background
“What do you do for recreation? ” “Oh, the usual. I bowl. Drive around. The occasional acid flashback.”
“Isn’t bowling kind of ‘archaic’?” says a friend of mine…isn’t it archaic to say “archaic”?

“Come on, boy. Bowl!” Roy: My name’s not boy. It’s Roy….Roy Munson.”
Better go easy on that drawing arm, Roy…
The following week I was back there to draw for a Company party, and it was a non-stop line, so not much time for photos, OR for knocking down pins…here’s two, whoopie-doo…

No idea what his name was, but he sure looked like a chipmunk to me.

Don’t copy her.
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