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Dirt Track Daze (Re-Post)

January 31, 2010

I signed up for a 6-day dust and dirt filled ‘Freedom Fest Fair’ in Allentown, NJ a couple weeks ago – why? Seemed like a good idea at the time … One of the worst locations ever been placed in, and attendance at the fair was sporadic – luckily I was given permission to move my tent closer to the entrance of the fest, along with my airbrush-tattooin’ family neighbors, to take over the spot of a vendor who’d packed up early (a trend that was hard to resist, I admit), and got some decent drawings in, and hopefully some parties and commissions out from the few customers i did have. Never again…

About the last photo: this is the friendly family that worked next to me and suffered through this fest with me. Herman – the very cool, helpful dad/hubbie – helped me put together a PVC tube frame for my sign and cinderblocks cut to fit my tents legs. Was to draw at a b-day party for the little kid following Saturday, but it was postponed to a day I couldn’t do! Hope to see these guys again if and when I do another festival in Jersey…If somehow it’s on a horse racing track again, I’ll make sure I bring a plastic shovel and pail to keep myself busy.

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