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July 12, 2010

Hiya out there! This is John, artist and administrator of this blog – just wanted to inform you if you’ve just come across this dusty lil’ site here, that I pretty much abandoned this blog back in January to go back to expanding and catching up on my original blog:

I tried out this WordPress blog last summer and enjoyed it’s many cool features for awhile, and even had my original Blogger posts transferred here. Several months ago however, I had a change of heart and went back to Blogger – many cool widgets, templates, and user-friendly stuff had been added over there, and I just had to try them out – so  I’ve  been updating over there exclusively. I do plan on coming back to this site to get it up to date too, and was even thinking of turning this into a permanent website through GoDaddy’s hosting services, but it’s not of paramount importance right now. So there ya go – PLEASE check out the other site:, and ignore this ‘0n-hiatus’ blog for now. No, I can’t quit you WP, so I had to put you down for awhile…

Thanks Y’all!

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